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Fundraising & Memorable Events


Events bring people together, whether they are private family gatherings or fundrasing events run by organisations, they highlight a thought, a memory or a celebration. The release of our beautiful white doves is a fantastic way to celebrate memorable events, mark special occasions,  or to fundraise for your charity, club or association.







Celebrating a company, communal or public event - it is a special moment to share and recognises unforgettable moments that will be remembered by all.

These releases bring loved ones and strangers together at a time of remembrance or hope - We will be happy to work with you to organise your events.


1 - 200 doves can be released -  A Personal message or wish can be attached to each bird, these inner thoughts will be surrounded by others that have shared or are going through a same experience, and yet with every silent flight voices will be heard.

The White Dove Company have released doves for many schools, clubs, associations, as well as street parties for the Queens Jubilee, Poppy Day Rememberance and a host of charity events.

 Hylands Park, Chelmsford marking 100 years of the Scouting movement.


Whether your gatherings are for a joyous occasion, memories for a time gone by or hoping for the future, whether your wish is for an inner solitary hope, or a thoughtful gift, whether you are simply making a moment for thought, saying goodbye with friend and family - The release of A Pure White Dove brings a sense of soulful serenity to lift hearts and souls.


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