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For you, a new life, a new chapter, a new journey for all who promise to keep your child safe in the paths they choose.


For your child, baptism or a naming ceremony marks the start of their journey in life.


Release THREE doves representing:

Health, Wealth and Happiness!


Precious To You and Precious to God...


As Godparents


The release of a beautiful dove will symbolically represent the love, commitment and promises made by you to your godchild on their special day. Each Godparent and Parents can release a dove each, representing their individual promises.

APhotographic Moment To Share...


The Godparents & Parents will have the choice to release the doves from the carrier or personally release them by hand.


Siblings can release a dove to rejoice and welcome their new brother or sister into their lives.


A Flock Of Doves is a memorable celebration of joy and happiness, one that you can share as a family as you embark on your new lives together. A Flock can be from 10-100 doves shared with friends and family who have joined you on this this day .



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