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Wedding Doves Essex, Middlesex, Kent, London

Customize Your Doves


We have years of experience in preparing decorative wedding flower displays on our equipment but we can work with you on your own design, ensuring the colours reflect your day.


Our decorative baskets and free standing cages will complement your wedding bouquet.


For a little extra: Fresh flowers to accompany your wedding flowers from £35 per cage.


Display Doves - Our doves can be displayed at the service or at the reception to welcome your guests . You have the choice of displaying the pair in a single cage, or fin two in seperate matching cages.


If you would like a sepectacular wow factor to your entrance we can supply up to six cages, each with a single or a pair of doves in each (Please ask for availability and price)


Specialising in large flock releases - a flock of doves symbolizes a celebration and is a wonderful crowd pleaser. We offer the first flock of 10 doves at a discounted price when they are booked with the wedding pair, however we can release up to 100 doves at a time.


A time for remembering can be achieved by releasing a single doves from our beautiful memorial carriers.


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