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Releasing a dove on the Anniversary of their Death, their Birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or at another Special Time symbolises the celebration of an unforgettable life.


A single dove released simply represents a peaceful thought or a memory shared of a loved one’s spirit being set free. 


A Flock of Doves can total 10—100 in commemoration for each year of the celebrated life.



The White Dove Company recognises the simple things that make us smile in thought - this maybe as little as a favourite colour or item which can be attached to the dove carrier marking those memorable occasions in a personal way.



Private thoughts are often shared with a dove snuggled into your chest just before releasing it to the skies, while others may prefer not to hold the dove but simply release it from an elegant white dove carrier.


Personal Messages can be attached to the dove's leg ring that will be lost in flight in the skies.


Our doves can be released from almost ‘any’ place that holds dear memories close to your heart. Perhaps where a favourite memory was shared.

A Golf Club, Fishing Lake, Club or Pub or Walled Garden for example.


Ben Cargill, 24, was enjoying a music concert in Lowndes Park, Chesham, on August 1, 2004 when he was stabbed in the back six times in front of about 200 people by his former flatmate Robert Browning


Bens mother and father Jim and Judith Cargill release doves to mark 10 year anniversary of his death.

Remembering A Loved One...



We are honoured that our 73 doves were released in the memory of the known 72 victims and 'one for the unknown'. They were released after Britain fell silent on the first anniversary of The Grenfell fire 

Bedfordshire * Berkshire * Buckinghamshire * Essex * Hertfordshire * Kent * London

* Middlesex * Surrey * Suffolk * West Sussex.

The White Dove Company is a proud member of ...

NAFD (The National Association of Funeral Directors) and SAIF (The National Society of Allied & Independent Funeral Directors) your assurance of trust for professional service. Being a member of these organisations we adhere to a strict code of practice approved by the UK's Office of Fair Trading.

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