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Funeral & Memorial Prices...


Pricing - We cover a wide area - our prices will vary depending on distance - please contact us for a cost. 

Doves can be released individually or by hand, from carriers or in flocks.


ULEZ charges of £12.50 will be added onto any location that requires us to enter the new zones 

Single dove release from £90

Pair of doves from £110

Each additional dove £12 each


Please contact us for quotes on large flocks of doves


An additional 20% charge is added to weekend and public holiday releases.

Funeral & Memorial Baskets & Carriers



Our doves can be released as singles, pairs or in flocks.  Above tradition of the symbolic release of the soul, the release is entirely the families choice on individual farewells. You may wish to release by hand or from the carriers and baskets. We will work with you in choosing the right release for your occasion.


Our doves can carry personal messages - if you would like to add a message to the dove before flight please write it on soft paper 5mm by 10mm.

A personalised rememberance card and a small keepsake bag containing naturally moulted white feathers (when available) will be given on all releases.  


Baskets and Carriers - The Doves can be released by hand or from chosen baskets and display cages. we have a beautiful array to choose from, which can be decorated with your colour scheme, personalised effects (i.e teddies. ribbons, flowers) or used natrually or plain white.






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